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Marian Gold about the song A Victory Of Love.

...as far as I remember, Frank, Bernhard and me were working on a song called "Maria". Since it was the time when I wrote most of the lyrics in german (like Blauer Engel, Traumtänzer or Leben Ohne Ende), "Maria" was a "german" song. A love-song probably. Although Bernard liked the original way of my vocal performance, I wasn't very satisfied with it. While I was alone in the studio, I experimented on the various harmonic structures of the song and turned them all upside down. The chorus-part became the verse, the verse became bridge and chorus. On this new base singing became much easier for me, it felt as if the whole song suddenly would built up much better and became far more dramatic because of this fact. I was really enthusiastic about this change and, after some efforts, happened to convince the other guys.

Inspired by the new music, I did not translate the original lyrics but rewrote it completly into english. The words just streamed out of my pen in almost one go. It was just as easy as that. I don't like to explain lyrics, there's only one thing (of many) to be said: "Maria" was a somehow "dark" song and it stayed dark up to its end. But in its reincarnation as "Victory" it became such a raging ride of my voice from its depths up to, well, quite surprising heights. To me it felt like a rocket-flight up into a blinding light. In this respect, I think the "new" lyrics reflect that movement very well.

Marian Gold, 23.06.2002


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