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A live-recording from the concert at the Žofín in Prague / Czech Republic 04'12'09. It was recorded during the 25th Anniversary Party. It's a great version! Sebastian R Komor hade some ideas about the live-version and did add some new sound to the song.

A part of the concert was broadcast 8th October and 9th October 2010 at the Czech Television 2. For set-list look down, and if you want to see the entire set-list from this concert look right here. A small notice: I was at this concert :)


  • On stage:
  • Vocie: Marian Gold
    Keyboard: Martin Lister
    Guitar: David Goods
    Drums: Jakob Kiersch

  • Set-list:
  • 01 - Wishful Thinking
    02 - Sounds Like A Melody
    03 - Dance With Me
    04 - A Victory Of Love
    05 - Return To Paradise
    06 - Monkey In The Moon
    07 - I Die For You Today
    08 - Forever Young [Duet With Karel Gott]
    09 - The Jet Set
    10 - Big In Japan


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