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A great version of A Victory Of Love made by Strauss EX Machine.
The song are released on the ElectriXmas CD 2009 that was given away at the ElectriXmas Festival in Malmö/Sweden 19'12'2009.


Text from his homepage:

VI. A Victory of Love (Gold/Lloyd/Mertens)
Originally released by Alphaville on the album "Forever Young" (1984/Warner)

If you never heard Alphaville around 1984, you were either deaf, dead, not born, locked up or ignorant to the brink of stupidity. Their debut 'Forever Young' is to this very day still one of the best pop albums known to mankind and I was completely hypnotized by it at the age of twelve. As with many other really great albums - especially from the eighties - the singles aren't really the best songs... at least not in my personal experience. The opening track which I have violated here beats the three singles from the album by lightyears and I was reluctant to finish the first draft of it because I doubted my ability to sing it. To my great joy and surprise I managed to do it and I am very happy with the whole result. I did not sing the choirs between 3.20-4.26 of course, they are artifical and made with a great little piece of software I tested for a while. The ending guitar solo of this version is put there for two reasons; first of all it sounds great and second it just might taunt the living crap out of the people who took part in the stupid quarrel between fans of synthetic pop and metalheads back in the eighties and still think guitars should be banned from the face of the earth. You are wrong, totally.




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