A Victory Of Love pil Why?



Why make a homepage about just one song?

It is a very good question.

It is so that I love the song A Victory Of Love. The song is made by the german synth/rock band Alphaville. The song released the first time on the album Forever Young 1984. Since that time it have been released on several albums in diffrent versions.

I was in love in the song the first time I heard it. And my love to this song started a spring 1992 when I borrow the LP Forever Young from my older brother. I played A Victory Of Love and was in LOVE! I played it over and over agein several times before I came to the second track that was Summer In Berlin...
That summer I played the album to my parents and friends annoyance. Everywhere, in my room, in the car, everywhere I hade a stereo. To this date I have bought 3-4 copyies of the CD version from the album, I have been playing them so frequently.

The song is so powerful and marvellous, just a great song! I can listen to the song in any mode I am, if I am sad or happy. I feel good inside me. On my stereo I can have the song on repeat forever, and just lay down and enjoy. Dream me away....

If you don't know the song and never heard it you can listen at the song under Multimedia.

Peter "Krapplund" Krappinger, 26.06.2002


What is the story behind the song A Victory Of Love?

Here you can read what Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd have to say about the song.


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