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A history over A Victory Of Love and some information about the song and the diffrent events.

  • 1983 - Maria
  • Marian Gold, Frank Mertens and Bernhard Lloyd was working on a song called "Maria". The time was when they wrote most of the lyrics in german, "Maria" was a "german" song.
    Bernhard Lloyd liked the original way of Marian Goldīs vocal performance but Marian Gold wasnīt very satisfied with it.
    Marian Gold was alone in the studio to experiment on the various harmonic structures of the song one day and turned them all upside down. The chorus-part became the verse, the verse became bridge and chorus.
    On this way the song A Victory Of Love was born and the lyrics was in english after this.

  • 1984 - Young
  • Alphaville released 27th September 1984 there album 'Forever Young' and on track 1 they hade the song A Victory Of Love. Big In Japan was the first single-release from this album and got hige on the tracks all around the world when it was released.

  • 1988 - Amiga
  • In the former East Germany where the albums 'Forever Young' and 'Afternoons In Utopia' not was easily available.
    Under the label Amiga some songs from 'Forever Young' and some from 'Afternoons In Utopia' was released. One of the songs from the album 'Forever Young' was A Victory Of Love.

  • 1992 - Harvest
  • This year Alphaville released there official 'best of'-album with 15 remix version of their songs with the name 'First Harvest - 1984-92'. One of the songs was A Victory Of Love. Comment from Benhard Lloyd of the song A Victory Of Love inside the album-cover: "Perhaps all our songs are windows in an ivory tower that is surrounded by a changing world. Everywhere you turn there is another view but always from the same building."
    The song A Victory Of Love have also been remixed on this album by Bernhard Lloyd.

  • 1993 - Live
  • Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd make the first live-show accompanied by Hansi Behrend - drums and Rudy Nielson - guitars at Rocktops open-air festival in Finland before a crowd of 15,000 people in June. And later in August in Beirut / Lebanon.
    A Victory Of Love was one of the songs that was played.

  • 1995 - Tour
  • This year Alphaville start to make live-concerts around the world for real and one of the live-tracks are A Victory Of Love. Since this year Alphaville have been playing live every year. And the last years around 100 times a year.
    On the concerts Marian Gold sing alone together with a band. 1995 Bernhard Lloyd was a part to at the scene, but not any more.

  • 1999 - Dreamscapes
  • Bernhard Lloyd and Marian Gold put together a box with the name 'Dreamscapes' this year.
    'Dreamscapes' contains rare Alphaville recordings, featuring 124 tracks with a total playing time of around 9.5 hours on 8 CDs. Not a single song featured on 'Dreamscapes' has been heard before in this form. 42 songs have never been published before at all and the rest of the songs a demo versions, unknown remixes, rare live-recordings, all the flip-sides and band-internal experiments. This box covers the period of 1978 to 1999 and have a demo-versions and a live-versions of A Victory Of Love.
    The demo remix of the song A Victory Of Love have been mixed by Bernhard Lloyd at BLL Studio, 1998. The live-version of the song A Victory Of Love have been recorded in Moscow / Russia and been mixed by Benhard Lloyd at BLL Studio Neuenhagen, 1998.

  • 2000 - Naked
  • Alphaville released a official live-album with the name 'Stark Naked And Absolutely Live' this year in June and one of the tracks are A Victory Of Love.
    The song are recorded in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 17 July 1999.

  • 2001 - Pop
  • The album 'Forever Pop are a remix-album with all the classics Alphaville hits. All songs are remixed by diffrent artists and producers. Additional production and remix by José Alvarez-Brill to the titel A Victory Of Love.

  • 2001 - America
  • In Oktober the first DVD with Alphaville apear with help from fans.
    The DVD release features the live concert recorded in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 17 July 1999. This was the first time Alphaville made a show in North America and on this show A Victory Of Love was on the track-list.

  • 2002 - Future
  • This year Alphaville start to connect the songs A Victory Of Love and Wishful Thinking together. A new sound apear and Marian Gold goes "Back to the future, back to the party" like he scream in the begining of the song.

  • 2004 - 20th Anniversary
  • This year it was 20 years since Alphaville started so it was time for a 20th Anniversary Party. The party was the 29th August in Berlin/Germany at the Tipi-Zelt and one of the song that was played during the show was of course A Victory Of Love.

  • 2005 - Voting
  • At the Alphaville homepage Moonbase you could this year vote for the song you think should be remixed at the sampler Elektrisch! between 21th Mai and 1th June. And after the voting it showed that the song A Victory Of Love was the winner with 16,05% over the second song that was Apollo with 7,86%.

  • 2006 - 2Players
  • On the sampler Elektrisch have a remix of A Victory Of Love that have been voted by the Alphaville fans at the Moonbase homepage been released. The remix is mady by Icon Of Coil member Sebastian R Kumor under the name Xenomorph.
    The name of the remix are A Victory Of Love [2Players Remix].

  • 2008 - Moonbase
  • 22th August 2008 did Alphaville release a new great interactive homepage, with lots of new stuff on. Under the Klangwelt-section you can listen to diffrent songs and one of them was A Victory Of Love [Alvarez-Brill Mix]. It's the same version like on the remix-album 'Forever Pop' that was released 2001.

  • 2009 - 25th Anniversary
  • Time for 25th Anniversity Party in Czech Republic/Prague. The party was on 4th december at the Žofín and of course did they play A Victory Of Love this evening, but with a different sound. The producer of the new Alphaville album Sebastian R Komor gave together with Marian Gold the song a new sound. A great sound!

  • 2011 - GROG
  • After the release of the new album Catching Rays On Giant 19th December 2010, did Alphaville tour around the world, and A Victory Of Love was of course in the set-list. Almost the same sound as at the 25th Anniversity Party in Czech Republic/Prague.


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