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Here you can read a interpretation made by Chris Cowan from United Kingdom. And it's over A Victory Of Love.
If you would like to make your own interpretation about/over A Victory Of Love and show it here at this homepage you can get in contact with me here.


Waiting for a change in the weather, - Marian`s waiting for better weather
I`m waiting for a shift in the air - clouds are moved by shifts in the air, still wants better weather,
Could we get it together ,ever - could we have time together [now thatshe`s gone for good, he realises how much he`s missed out].
Hoping for your return - she`s gone and it hurts
Hoping for your sweet, sweet return - the pain is mounting.

Hello, is this heaven calling - she`s trying to get in touch, he`s answering back
Hello is sombody there - not sure if it was a dream
She must be somewhere - clutching at straws
Then she says hello - he`s found his one true love, has he had to die to see her???
She`s really an angel - kind of says it all
She stands in the sunshine - possibly the corridor of light described in near death experiences
She`s closing her eyes - this takes effort
She`s starting to dream - or hope
She`s pulling the strings - she`s bending the rules
She` dreaming a strange dream - a nightmare to an angel
Where nothing is grey - it`s so black and white, it`s plain fact that she must be with him
Then she takes me away - `He`s on the journey to see her, and it feels so good
And she`s pulling the stings - harder this time, these are ruled set firmly
She`s playing with love - she wants to feel what she didn`t have when she was alive [playing as she knows this can`t last]

Counting... I count every second - He can`t wait to see her again
And I`m standing - He`s waiting for her
I stand in the rain - He`s really not bothered what happens to him, he`s in extacy
I walk up that lane - on the journey, but a more earthly route
Which leads to the sunshine - it leads to the warth of her love that sunshines heat has.



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